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Hey there. Thank you for your interest in - unfortunately, the banner parser is hard to maintain. I’m extracting zip files and parse arbitrary XML files - who would have guessed this would cause problems? Ok, me, but I thought I’m nice to you so you would be nice to me. This was not the case.

Someone started to upload bombs - little zip files extracting into multiple GB of data so the whole servers file system was used and other services running on this server died, too.

This project was started 100 years ago when I was still a student. Today I don’t have the time to take care of things. So I unfortunately have to shut this down. But please, if you have more time than me then please go on - use this code, reupload this service under your own domain on your own server. This is GPLv3 Software, go out and have fun.

BEWARE: this was a hobby and no professional software. Test coverage sucks and I started refactoring the code to be more readable and more maintainable, but I never finished.

If you like to take over this project: please feel free to reach out. I will help to onboard you. I will guide you through everything and will do some pair programming session to get you going. Would be great to see someone picking up this project.

So long and thanks for all the fish.

- Nico aka protux (former member of Team baronbale)

my email address is <my first name (see above)> -at-

Check out on github!